Project 1: Updating Cisco ASA Firewalls - Firmware and ASDM: The models that this update applies to ASA5506,ASA5515, ASA 5516 and ASA552

This is a business requirement for an organization that uses ASA Firewalls and they have different models of these firewalls, the process is the same for old and new models.  I will be updating the firmware from current image version 9.8.2 to 9.8.4-10 and the ASDM image from 7.9.1 to 7.12

Steps to follow are below:

1. Get the Show version and note the Models and Images on the Firewalls: As shown

4. Login to using your CCO account and download the recommended files: As Shown

6. Set the Boot System to the new image files, Save and reload the ASA Firewalls: As shown

5. Transfer the new image files to the Flash using your TFTP server: As Shown

3. Check what version of the images these ASA's are currently using: As Shown

2. Copy of the running-config to your TFTP server: Always you should keep a backup of the running configuration of the firewall you are updating to avoid downtime and quick recovery in case of failures. As Shown