Project 1: Updating Cisco ASA Firewalls - Firmware and ASDM: The models that this update applies to ASA5506,ASA5515, ASA 5516 and ASA552

This is a business requirement for an organization that uses ASA Firewalls and they have different models of these firewalls, the process is the same for old and new models.  I will be updating the firmware from current image version 9.8.2 to 9.8.4-10 and the ASDM image from 7.9.1 to 7.12

Steps to follow are below:

1. Get the Show version and note the Models and Images on the Firewalls: As shown

6. Set the Boot System to the new image files, Save and reload the ASA Firewalls: As shown

5. Transfer the new image files to the Flash using your TFTP server: As Shown

3. Check what version of the images these ASA's are currently using: As Shown

2. Copy of the running-config to your TFTP server: Always you should keep a backup of the running configuration of the firewall you are updating to avoid downtime and quick recovery in case of failures. As Shown

4. Login to using your CCO account and download the recommended files: As Shown