Training courses on Core Network Technologies offered by Habib Zakaria are published by UDEMY.COM 

Incase you are visiting the site and want to purchase any of these courses, contact us using the email : INFO@CATACLIPSE.COM and we will be happy to provide discount coupon for any course for $12.00 - $14.00 only. The course links are below , click on the course to watch the free preview.

1.  Practical Implementaion of how to Filter routes from Routers

2.  CCIE - Practical Implementation of IPSEC VPN - Secure DMVPN

3.  CCIE -Practical Implementation Of DMVPN between Remote Sites

4.  ​CCNP\CCIE Practical Implementation of Route Redistribution

5.  CCNP\CCIE V5.1- Practical Implementation of Multicast

​6.  CCNA Learn How to configure Internet Access Practically

​7.  CCIE - MPLS Design and Configuration

8.  CCIE v5.1 Learn the details of OSPF and its implementation

9.  CCNP\CCIE v5.1 BGP Concepts and design with Practical Labs

​10. Nexus Switches in High Availability   -- ( Latest course )

11.​CCIE - Practical Implementation of Multicast 

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